WIPO - Hague System Seminar: Online Services and International Registration Procedures and Practical Approach to the Hague System

Register online now to attend a Hague Seminar at WIPO Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, on June 6, 2019.  The Seminar will focus on maximizing the benefits of recent practical developments in the Hague Registry, including the new E-Filing interface, enhanced self-service electronic tools, and the ongoing geographical expansion.

The Seminar will be focused on the recent practical developments of the Hague Registry, in particular, the ongoing modernization and improvement of e-tools, including a detailed introduction to the new design of the E-Filing interface.  This new design represents the most significant change to the E-Filing system over the past five years.  The Seminar is therefore a good opportunity to become familiar with the improvements and new features that are advantageous to Hague System users, such as new payment methods and a simpler application screen. 

All information is to be found at https://www.wipo.int/meetings/en/details.jsp?meeting_id=52627