1. What does the certification « BMM Erkend Merkengemachtigde » mean?

The certification BMM Erkend Merkengemachtigde is a certification for professional qualities. It has been established by the BMM (Benelux association for Trademark- and Designlaw). The BMM certification informs consumers and companies that the trademark attorney which is certified, has all the necessary knowledge, education and experience to be able to advise and act on a professional level in searches and registration of trademarks and designs.

2. What conditions apply for being a BMM Erkend Merkengemachtigde?

A trademark attorney is allowed to be certified when he or she:

1. is a member of the BMM
2. has passed the BMM exam  
3. has at least 3 years of working experience in Benelux as a trademark attorney
4. attends the necessary yearly courses to stay up to date (earning education points)

3. What is the BMM exam?

Through the independant Stichting BBMM, the BMM facilitates a yearly professional education course for trademark attorneys. During this course, the attendees are tested on knowledge and professional skills which are needed to be an indepented and skilled consultant in matters of intellectual property. The course takes about 2 years and is concluded by both a written and oral exam.

4- Where can I find a certified trademark attorney?

The BMM holds the register of certified trademark attorneys (REM). This register mentions all certified trademark attorneys in Benelux.

5. What does the certification mark look like?

There is a Dutch, French and English version of the certification mark:

6. How is the certification mark guaranteed?

Complaints on the use of the BMM certification can be send to the BMM. The BMM will install a committee to investigate the complaint and files the complaint at the Supervisory Board of the BMM

Also, the Supervisory Board randomly checks the use of the BMM certification mark under the curent members at least once a year. Once a year the Supervisory Board investigates complaints and notices of third parties to decide and act after deliberation.